Empowerment of the Underprivileged

Through our integrated approach we promote gender equality across all our programmes to ensure that not only women but minorities, young children/adults, immigrants and men in need benefit all the same. From the start of time, as women have struggled to be treated as equal being, it is no surprise that are statistically more in need of empowerment. To ensure we bridge the gap between the two genders, we aim to uplift women and marginalized communities through our diverse programmes.

Rights Awareness Camps

With the increase of violence against women in recent times, it is imperative to not only create awareness of rights in women but also in men in particularly communities where a patriarchal set up is the norm. Through our awareness camps we seek to foster an understanding of the significant role of a woman in our society and if treated adequately, it can be a source of economic growth on a personal and a national level.

Alif Se Insaniyat has recognized that despite adequate laws in place, there is a deep misunderstanding of the existing laws and how they are interpreted to benefit the gender male. Through our professional and competent lawyers, we seek to spread awareness of laws in the ambit of marriage, maintenance, custody, inheritance, property distribution, employment to ensure they remain well informed. Apart from educating women with reference to rights we seek to foster an understanding of responsibility: it is their obligation to speak for their right, if they do not today, the same mindset will continue on for centuries.

Our audience will not only cater to women but specially to men as in certain societies men believe they are protectors of women and the delegation of right is only possible through them. We seek to instill an understanding of significance of freedom of choice and as adult beings, these women as entitled to their choices as men are.

Access to Justice

Alif Se Insaniyat does not only believe in creating awareness without action. We seek to ensure that our audience are also provided with adequate opportunities in legal, economic and social aspects. As family conflicts continue to soar with women facing distinct challenges in accessing justice system, we promote the community based mediation opportunities for women to improve their access to justice. As statistics prove more than 40% of women abandon litigation in familial disputes due to external pressure and difficulties of justice system, we seek to work with local partners to ensure their despite is resolved in accordance with justice.

Protection from harassment

With increasing harassment against women reported on daily basis with perpetrators in the form of stranger ex spouses, friends, employers or others, Alif Se Insaniyat works towards providing opportunities to women to speak against such harassments and resort to legal action with our aid and assistance.

We also work with individuals and communities to change norms that perpetuate gender based violence and exploitation of young girls and women in places of home or outside. We engage with the legislative bodies to strengthen laws and various other legal mechanisms to advance women rights and reform policies that discriminate.

Empowerment through economic opportunity

Our multi facet approach works towards targeting hindrances and barriers that impede women from reaching their true potential. By facilitating skillful women in interior areas of Pakistan and abroad, we aim to ensure that women entrepreneurs are encouraged to start their small scale businesses where Alif Se Insaniyat will assist in facilitating access to buyers, markets, financial and technology training among others ensures success for these females as business women and change makers in their own respective communities.

Ensure school completion of women

Education is a universal right granted to every child regardless of gender. Yet, there are communities who refuse to educate young girls due to low income background, harassment of girls along school route, non availability of female teachers and extended travel time to school. With an increase in low literacy rates and decreased female enrolment in schools every year in countries affected by fragility and conflict, it is the marginalization based on socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, disability and location which become drivers of education inequality. Ali Se Insaniyat independently and in collaboration with philanthropic foundations works to provide a unique blend of strategic, technical means of funding in support of innovations to achieve better results.

We aim to achieve our objective of increasing female school enrolments and completion through donating of basic facilities in the form of desks, chairs, text books, learning materials, teachers, learning tools, among others. Most importantly we seek to create awareness among the rural population about the importance of educating young girls who can then contribute to the expenses of the household. Through our collective partnerships, we aim to put gender equality at the heart of national education systems to ensure all girls and children are enrolled in schools and complete schools as well.