We are Hopeful. Impatient. Optimist.

We are Hopeful. Impatient. Optimist.

Three words that do not only define Alif Se Insaniyat but are a centered at the core of our beliefs and our way of life. Hope is not an aspect that is rooted in cultures, traditions or even borders of one nation. It is something that the universe is based on and our yearning for economic, environmental and health empowerment, among others has been inspired not only in hopes of progressive and secure future but the passion and courage to explore human potential and its possibilities.

We began with the all-embracing mission of using our hope, qualifications and prosperity that we have been blessed with to aid and help those less fortunate than ourselves. However, we soon came to the realization that there is an exigency of a more focused approach in the carrying out of our philanthropy objectives.

As humans we all have experienced triumphs and achievements but also loss and tragedy. Today, with the increasing and compelling social issues that require immediate action, our work demands to be more focused and directed with concentrated efforts, without which our impact would be diluted, lost. With this renewed aim in mind, we have effectively and efficiently allocated our resources to maximize our social impact. With our prime focus of lifting the underprivileged communities in this fast running world, we aim of creating better communities where they live, and thus improve the future of those sections. From this epiphany came a vivid mission: to serve one community after the other, to address one social issue after the other, to play a role, albeit a small one in making a difference in this world and whilst doing so cultivate a spirit of philanthropy in the next generation. We decided to start from Pakistan, a country that holds significance to us not only because of our roots, but due to the range of socio political and economic challenges such as need for social inclusion, strengthening of citizen-state relations, fostering of human rights, among others.

As philanthropy is built on people and partnerships, we recognize that we cannot meet our objectives on our own and the undeniable need for committed and passionate partners. Partners whose familiarity with the needs, history and framework of our region and specialized and technical grasp and expertise would greatly contribute to the effectiveness of our projects and its impact locally and globally. We work with partners across the globe who share our vision and our commitment. Through the experiences and expertise of our partners, our original idea and aim of awareness has developed into a deep conviction to contribute and share not only our assets but also our passion and spirit of philanthropy. Through our volunteer scheme, we invite young and committed individuals to join us and get involved on our projects with the aim of fostering a spirit for the community welfare.

With Alif Se Insaniyat and our partnerships, we aim to not change the world but make a difference. We recognize we cannot help every individual, every community or every country but we strongly believe that every single individual is capable helping someone thorough the simple art of donating. Giving can fuel innovation, eliminate disease, improve access to education/quality healthcare, among other benefits. It becomes a catalyst for equity, potential and passion, acceleration and transformation which is never possible without the support of communities.

Alif Se Insaniyat through its resources is working on several projects in a fiscally responsible and timely manner with best and ethical practices for project management, reporting, evaluation under the stringent guidelines of financial accountability to facilitate the success of each and every project undertaken.

We strongly believe that our responsibility to ourselves and to one another is not encompassed in providing, facilitating or aiding but also to learning and adapting to different perspectives, communities and cultures with an open mind and even more open heart. Our responsibility is to grow, survive and thrive in this challenging world. And with all that we learn and achieve it is also our responsibility to pass it on.

Barrister Ayesha Iqbal

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