Our projects are based on various principles, all of which are reflected in our campaigns and the work we undertake. Our core values are our identity:

Instill Humanity

Our own identity revolves around instilling humanity in individuals and communities. We courageously and selflessly defend everyone’s right to education, health, empowerment and economic opportunity regardless of race, religion, gender or background. Our motto is inclusivity and we strictly adhere to it.

Inclusion of differing views

quity allows us to ensure that myriad views and perspectives of all communities are considered and heard to encourage inclusive dialogue.


Our integrity lies in our independence. With our main goal of social welfare, our projects are independent of state or corporation interest. We seek to serve the community with trust, integrity and honesty.

Respect for local cultures

As a nation with rich culture, we aim to preserve it’s legitimate traditions, customs and practices to ensure the culture and values are not lost. We value local expertise and knowledge which allows us to create realistic impact on social, political, environmental, and economic concerns.

Optimistic outlook

We are fueled with passion and motivated to combat problems head with a positive attitude. Our optimism allows us to view the glass as half full, thus encouraging innovative solutions